Satan flirts with and plays on our soul’s emotions…

If you’re a Christian then this message is for you. I been preached to many times hear the voice of the preacher say, you’re going to hell, you’re going to hell and he was telling it to the Christians the ones who were sitting in church. I’m thinking to myself why is he preaching aboutContinue reading “Satan flirts with and plays on our soul’s emotions…”

Spiritual Scars…

Don’t let your spiritual scars define you as something negative. Let them define you into POSITIVE ENGERY! Positive energy brings forth the survivor outer you….. I am a Positive Energy Fighter I overcame these scars of darkness / of being abused. It’s a spiritual / physical abuse…… EXAMPLE! Whatever your abusive pass maybe don’t allowContinue reading “Spiritual Scars…”

A Spiritual Tsunami The Attack In The Land / Spiritual Mephibosheth Two Stories In One…..

The Lord have given me this back in 2019 the attack for 2020. WARNING: A spiritual TSUNAMI OF ALL SORTS OF FAMILIAR SPIRITS ARE ARISING OUT THE BOTTOM OF THE ABYSS REV 9:1-3. IT IS RAVISHING THIS LAND LIKE WAVES OF OCEAN WATERS THAT HAS BEEN DISTURBED THESE ARE NEW DEMONS BECAUSE IT IS AContinue reading “A Spiritual Tsunami The Attack In The Land / Spiritual Mephibosheth Two Stories In One…..”

Keep And Tend To Your Own Spiritual Life’s Garden…

God never intended for us to watch and make fun of someone else’s life garden because they may have a few weeds growing here or there the Truth is, you just may have some growing in your life too I’m sure of it. We all have weed growing in our lives that is the reasonContinue reading “Keep And Tend To Your Own Spiritual Life’s Garden…”

A Spiritual Balance Life…

A Spirit balance life works well in the spirit because we as Christians need to have balance in the natural too without it our (SP) traits will be off balance. What is (SP) trait? (SP) traits are spiritual balance working in the physical realm in the earth manifesting itself to be imbalance with each otherContinue reading “A Spiritual Balance Life…”

Jesus Is Ours To Have To Hold & Cherish Forever….

The Lord Jesus is our inward loving and faithful companion in essence we can tell Him anything our individual personal secrets are safe with Him. When we first open up our eyes in the mornings our minds and hearts should fall automatically on Jesus, if not then it’s time to train those minds to beContinue reading “Jesus Is Ours To Have To Hold & Cherish Forever….”

The Lord Is Seeking After A Soul Companion In The Midnight Hour…

In the darkness of the hour the Lord hold His arms of protection around us, have no fear what you hear and see outside of the Kingdom they are all just spiritual illusions said the Lord the enemy are using these things to throw your mines out into a dark pit, but have no fearContinue reading “The Lord Is Seeking After A Soul Companion In The Midnight Hour…”

We’re All Running To Win For Christ….

It seems as if it’s every ones dream to run through the finishing line and get the prize at the end of a race. Well I’m here to tell you it is so and it can happen, not particularly on a physical horizontal level, but more on a vertical spiritual level. It’s a race thatContinue reading “We’re All Running To Win For Christ….”

Intimacy With God In The Deep…

Deep Calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Psa 42:7……Here are some psychological soulish in-dept on how the Lord views our relationship with Him. He see us as a loving companion suitable to meet His wants as well as His needs behind closeContinue reading “Intimacy With God In The Deep…”

Army Of War Do You Wanna Live , Or Do You Wanna Die?

The Lord is talking to a people that He don’t wanna see destroyed, open up your eyes people God is talking to every nation kindred and tongues Rev 7:9, After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before theContinue reading “Army Of War Do You Wanna Live , Or Do You Wanna Die?”