The Judgment Seat of Man’s Law

This is for the bible believing Christians…. You will be put in the judgment seat when you go against the law of man to walk with the Lord Act. 18:12,13… Paul preached to the crowd and encourage them to worship the only true God in spite of what man’s law says. Follow and obey theContinue reading “The Judgment Seat of Man’s Law”

Your Spiritual life’s Credit Score…

When your life’s credit score is up by 750 to 800 points in life then you’re at a good place with the Lord… The devil will come and try to challenge some of you in this area by telling you to go ahead and take the kill, meaning to destroy and kill your spiritual life’sContinue reading “Your Spiritual life’s Credit Score…”

How To Be Comforted When You Feel All Alone, Jesus Is Right There….

When I am alone often times I think about Jesus and what He’s up to…. I go to read His word, that is His voice speaking to me… I say to Him, Jesus what are you up to? Jesus says to me, thinking of you. Jesus is thinking of each and every last one ofContinue reading “How To Be Comforted When You Feel All Alone, Jesus Is Right There….”