The Queen/ Jesus Christ Church Drinking From His Reproductive Fountain…

We all wants to be loved and to be married someday whether we know it or not we were created to love and to be loved for God’s glory this is His purpose, males as well as females…. how do we get there? Just keep reading….. It’s a strong loving desire to be loved considering most females be the ones who wants this marriage relationship we’re the ones who are ready to settle down most of the time, but for the men it will take some time at least for most…… I want everyone to get something out of this wonderful and amazing gift of marriage….. My goal is to point you on a more spiritual concept….. Jesus Christ and His church they’re the recap of how all marriage should be, but sadly, not all human marriages are Christian marriages…. She, the church will be reveal in a bit of who she is consist of, if you just keep reading……… In a natural sense some of us are already married and some will still get married although marriage isn’t for everyone it is beautiful because it’s from God and it’s His gift to the world it is created (only) in human terms to point, and reflect the bigger picture, Jesus Christ and His wife, the church……..

The church is the Queen of Jesus, she is His wife Rev.21:9, Rev. 19:7…. She has been given numerous of handmaids given to her by her heavenly father God….. The maids are called spiritual virgins those virgins are you and I…. We’re called members of the body of Christ or even called companies in Song of Songs 1:3… The awesomeness about it is, we can have a personal intimate love relationship with Jesus through her because she is the believer that took Jesus by the hand and have accepted Him into her heart by faith!!!! My friends that is you and me… She is His body…. Therefore we must go through the body of the church that we might be with Jesus and even be married to Him even on a more mature level in our walk with Him moving from babies to maturity because she is His body…. He wants us to go deeper in His love from being a maid to stepping up and becoming totally married to Him as His wife being by His side going out working, winning, and birthing in souls into His Kingdom…. Oh my God that is awesome!!!! Jesus takes us by surprises sometimes He is so amazingly beautiful and sweet to a believer soul…..

God’s desire is for us to be so deeply intimate with His Son until children are born into the unified body of Jesus that is to say building up His church kingdom that He has given us He gave us power to do so…… what’s a marriage without intimacy? Just a dead marriage which God doesn’t won’t! How ever will souls come in, if that believer won’t go out and tell someone about Jesus because Jesus long for that aching soul that is lost and don’t know how to come in… he must be lead to Jesus, only Jesus can save, we can’t save no one we just tell and point to Jesus amen and He will draw men to Him when He’s lifted up……

My prayers are that we spend more alone time with Jesus in the presence of His intimacy drinking from the fountain of His reproductive system the river of living water John. 7:37-39 in it out comes the souls of spiritual sperm heads of God ready to be launched into the womb of the church’s body once she gives birth the outcome will be a person given their life to Jesus…. because of it innumerous of souls are saved around the world to numerous to count….. What a kingdom builder Jesus is!!!!!! Hallelujah praise God…… only then will we be productive workers working in the fields winning souls into the kingdom of God…….

Make Jesus the Lord of your life today, if you haven’t already until next time peace and blessings to you amen 🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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